Rock A Bye

Soooo….It’s been a long time. Too long since my last post. But that does’t mean I haven’t been working on projects.



Remember this from my last post?

Well , she’s come a looong way. I could never charge what it took me time wise to do this baby. She was in such a state and everytime I thought it was time to paint, I would see something else. I patched and glued and sanded over and over again. She just needed so much TCL because she sat in an attic for who knows how long. It was just like raw wood……old raw wood.


What on earth? This looks like embossed leather but no. It’s some kind of cardboard. Did they really make this for people to sit on? Mind you the caning is long gone. This covered the hole!


Bottom view. Note the holes for the long gone caning it once had.


Damage. Nothing that can’t be managed with some patch and sandpaper.


Let’s embellish! Got some new molds I couldn’t wait to bust out and play with!


How ’bout a new seat cut out with some fresh wood. Now we’re cooking!

After LOTS of sanding and tightening the joints, several coats of white paint, and a little upholstery………


Ta-Daaaaa! She’s so pretty!!


Little detail here.


A lil’ sweetness there.

Of course perfection is never gonna be my gig. But if you like quirky, upcycled stuff and the love that goes into it? Well then, I’m your gal!

My hope is that some little girl is gonna love this in her room. Her own little chair she can rock her babies in ,or read or even rock away and ponder why she’s in a time out!

Just keepin’ real- hehehe!

Follow my instagram and if you are interested in purchasing this chair it’s cash and carry, local delivery only.

Thanks for swingin’ by!



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