A Surprise


Latest creation in my chalkboard obsession.


This is a surprise for my sister in law, Crystal. I didn’t know when I gathered the pieces randomly that this would be the result. Usually I find things…..or maybe they find me. I picked up the frame at one thrift store and the top from another maybe months apart. The top piece sat in the trunk of my car forgotten in a box for months. It was a plain stained wood piece, scroll-y looking. I picked it up and said I don’t know why I need this , but I do. Then it was forgotten. When I rediscovered it I noticed that it wasn’t just a flower and scroll design but there’s two lizards on it. Instantly I saw its purpose! I took it into my craft room to the frame I was now planning to use for a chalk board for my sis in law. Wouldn’t you know it fit the frame like a crown on a princess.

Even though now I had a plan, it just sat in my craft room waiting. Like I said in my last post, I just couldn’t get motivated.

If you are a creative person and this has happened to you, you know how sad it feels…even kinda lonely.

Like when your cat runs away and you don’t know if it’s coming back.

But my Magic came back with a vengeance! That God!

Back to my old self of having 3 projects going at once and bouncing between them and three more in the waiting. It sure feels good!

This one I didn’t want to rush. I took my time and worked a little every nite for a week instead of steamrolling through like I tend to do.

I thought about the little details carefully and just let it develop. I enjoyed making it.

I wish I had taken before pics. So bad with that!


This is the back of both pieces. Just plain stained wood.

The frame was rimmed with gold looking beads. Ewww.

Sis told me her favorite color is turquoise. Instantly I saw this frame with turquoise and pearls. She told me her class room(she’s a teacher) was turquoise and lime green… Tropical. How perfect that this top piece turned out to have lizards. Lime green for them with some fabulous blue green glitter to set them off. And the frosty pearl white on the pearls. Like Little Mermaid in paradise.

Crystal and my brother married in Key West. We had a great time and I may never have gone there if not for that.


My pics are lousey! I wish the details were more clear but you get the jist.

I’m so excited to give it to her Monday at school. All the other teachers are gonna be so JEALOUS!

I told her a long while ago that I wanted to make her a chalkboard. She probably thought I forgot…..or that I’m a jerk. But when I say I’m gonna do something I do it.

I think she’ll agree it was worth the wait!




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