It’s been awhile since I have felt any inspiration. I hate when that happens! I would go into my craft room, look around, sigh and leave. I’d have a little spark….do the project…and that was it. Like lighting a match and it would burn down and not start the fire.

I miss my Magic.

Then I went to a craft show called the Clover Market. It travels around to certain areas in NJ & PA. This ain’t your grandma’s craft bazaar. Artisans have to be juried in and its top quality work as well as vintage goods for sale. Not that anything there in particular got me going but I think it was just being in the energy.  For me, I need to feel that. It recharges my battery.

I ended up buying some basic materials.An oval wood frame, some crocheted edge linens, a couple of metal drawer pulls. But what I came away with was what I came for…..INSPIRATION!

Driving around this week I found a couple fun cast offs that I have sweet plans for. Also got the ball rolling on some projects that have been patiently waiting for my Magic. Soon I will post them because they are all most done!

But here’s a peek at two items I’m lining up for summer projects.


Can you see what I see?


It’s small. Must have been a child’s rocker……But it’s not toddler size.

Now, when you look at these two do you instantly have a vision for what they can look like? Do you see it?

That’s the Magic!


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