Christmas Gift for my Best Friend

Sitting in my sewing room…..where my creations begin….It’s easy for my best friend to be in my company. It’s my area . She has her area of creation too. She is a baker and owner of Dominique’s Sweet Creations.  When we visit, we usually end up in our creative areas…..It’s just what we do.

While there she spied one of my suitcases …..One that she actually borrowed for her daughter’s baby shower gift cards. She said wistfully, “I need one of these for my cards.”

Her”cards” are her little collection of cards that people have given her for birthdays or Valentine’s day,etc. She saves them.

Well now you know I tucked that thought away and said nothing full well knowing it would be a Christmas gift.

It took several trips to the thrift store before I found a decent case. They are getting harder to come by.

Finally, very masculine American Tourister presented itself. Dark Gray with a stinky stained interior which of course I failed to take a picture of beforehand.

Still Ipainted it a lovely, pale, powdery blue….a favorite color of hers.

Next I started on the interior after I ripped out the old yuck.


I gathered the fabric and hot glued it in.


Cut cardboard to fit.


Hot glued the batting first and then the fabric.


Ahhh nice! Make sure the fabric is tight and smooth.


Here you see my high end fancy tool that helps me pop out the insert to make adjustments. Yes a bottle opener. Looking at all the paint you can tell its used for paint cans too.Just use the rounded side.


The lace is edging the pocket .


I scraped out the word “tourister” and replaced it with “memories” , cut out from some scrapbook paper that had writing script all over it. Perfect!

But my favorite part is the banner. Instead of saying “cards” like the case that makes the rounds at all the family functions to hold money cards….hers is more personal. She is a hopeless romantic and very sentimental………


So I chose the word “Love”. Much more fitting. I placed it where when it’s closed it is displayed. But also if she chooses to display it open, the banner will still hang in front.

I can’t wait to give  it to her!

Some gifts are truly a labor of love. I took so much time to make this and fussed over little details and put a lot of thought into every part of the process. Truly, it is the best case I’ve done so far. My Best Friend appreciates my works and is one of my biggest fans. This will be well loved.

Well, are you ready to tackle one?



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