Got Suit Cases?

Suit cases are not what they used to be.

When I was a kid , we moved into an old house and  in the closet of my room I found an old suit case that the previous owners left behind.It was the kind a woman would pack her make-up in. I loved it and  have had it….jeeze….for almost 40 yrs.

That was the beginning of my suit case “thing”.

Over time I have collected quite a few. Sometimes you find things in them. Most don’t have their key lock anymore, and usually they are stinky inside….yes stinky.

But they are fun and useful.

I made one for my grandsons. I thought it would be fun for them to have a little suit case to put toys in when they come to granny’s house.

Originally it was a little brown suit case. I don’t have a before pick.

But I tore out the interior and relined it with felt and fabric and painted it.


Here’s one side


Other side


And a fresh interior.

Here are some others I have revamped…..


I put this on my front porch at Christmas and keep it out thru Valentine’s Day.


This one that says “cards” is used for baby showers and parties to keep the money cards.

And that one I found in that closet when I was a kid? That one is extra special to me. It has stayed with me thru the years thru all of my journeys in life. Eventually I relined it with some fun trailer themed fabric and glued a bow and some buttons to hide the chew marks from my beloved bulldog Buster, many years ago.


New interior


These days my little suitcase is reserved for my camping trips with Sisters on the Fly. Lots of sentimental memories with this case. It’s amazing that it has accompanied me through almost 40 years of happy travels as well as sad moves from home to home. It even served as a utilitarian traveling manicure case to service my clients in the past. But now she is retired and only wants to have fun times with me. She’s earned it!

I use many of my cases for different decor or storage purposes. Sometimes I wonder about their past lives. Where they’ve been and who they were with. Maybe they spent most of their lives in a closet….forgotten like the little case I found in that closet in that old farm house years all those years ago. She found a life with me….My little companion.  All of my cases have a purpose. Some I find and repurpose for others but they are all given a new life.

Next time you are in your travels and spot a case that whispers to you, pick it up.

You may have places to go together.



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