More chalk board fun!

The day I delivered Sarah’s chalkboard to her house we went to  a quaint little town nearby that has had a revival. There’s a street with some quaint little shops and cafes. We were in a junk shop…..But of course! Lo and behold I found the sweetest frame! While holding it and debating whether or not to pay the price…..(this wasn’t the cheapest junk shop)……I kept seeing it in my home. You see, at home I have had an empty harp that I picked up with my dresser. It didn’t have a mirror… didn’t belong with the dresser….But I just liked it and kept it. I had no plans for it……until I held that mirror frame in my hand.

The epiphany!

I didn’t even know for sure if the two would fit together.


Lonely little harp.


Meet the sweet New little mirror frame.

I painted the duo in leftover chalk paint that happens to match my craft room dresser…..hmmmm.

Now here’s the new twist….instead of the mirror we will have a chalkboard.

Here’s how I made it.


Cut out a piece of masonite to fit. Spray paint the smooth side with three coats of chalkboard paint and pop it in place when dry.



Like so. See the nail holding it in place? I put them around the perimeter.

See that little key? Leftover from its past life I’m keeping it for fun. But that wicked old dry rotted string with wire in it has got to go. I’m assuming that once this mirror was removed from a dresser, it was hung on a wall with that wire. There’s some wrapped on the key on the other side as well. It’s so brittle it didn’t take much to get  it off……But it did stick me a couple times. Ouch.


Ooooooh! I’m so excited that I’m just whipping thru this project!


Ahhhhh! It fits! I dug up two little metal plates to attach in the back.

The harp is missing that embellishment on the right side. Eventually I might sculpt a matching one for it. That’s another skill I would love to learn.


It’s such a yummy little detail.


But for now I’m happy just the way she is.

I have seen dressers done like this on PINTEREST ….My favorite place to hang out……and have longed to have one. Don’t you just love it when fate smiles at destiny?  There are no coincidences at the Little Gothic Cottage. Things are meant to be.

Now are you inspired? Get out there and find the things that are meant to be with you, my junking friends!


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