Frames from The Crypt

KINDLE_CAMERA_1467673556000One day my daughter Sarah came home with two scary,large frames with terrible prints in them. One was falling apart completely. Yard sale leftovers put out for trash.

I often wonder what people think when they see one of us taking our treasures to our car. Not everyone can see potential. Yard sales are particularly bad for the two of us….and yes we love a good trash pick too.

She had this idea that she wanted to take the two frames and make them into one larger one. She wanted to frame a piece of art from her collection.  Her own collection…..she’s an artist.

I’m sure the look on my face said it all. But then I said, “have you SEEN my craft room? I have so many projects waiting and I just don’t need one more. I really don’t want to get into this one.”

I was thinking she would pawn it off onto her fiance. It was going to have to be miter cut etc.

So time went by and my daughter moved in with her fiance and left the frames in the” catch all” room. There was no room in the craft room. There they sat. And sat. And sat.


Finally she came over one day and was going thru some stuff in the catch all room, came across the frames, and said, “ugh just throw them out. I’m never gonna do anything with them.”

Game Changer!

I said nothing. They were big. They were falling apart. But if all I have to do is put them back together instead of reconfiguring….Suddenly I had a vision. She actually put them in the trash. Again they were picked from the trash ,this time by me. Sigh. I just can’t help myself.


This is the frame that fell apart.


One of a couple bad attempts to repair it in  a past life. Note the nail that didn’t hold.

So first I had to remove the nails from the botched repairs. Then the nails that held the prints in place.


Do they even make nails like these anymore? Are these from colonial times? Hehehe!


These came in a 4pack with all the screws needed. No brainer.

Next came the hard part of putting it back together. Gorilla glue and corner brackets….getting the first one was a little challenging.


Ok so there’s how the corner bracket goes but hold on… you see that Brown paper? All I keep thinking is…..someone PAID to have these cardboard prints put in these wonderful heavy frames. I don’t get it.

Here it is all back together.


Back together in one piece.

Look at that. The wood has a chunk out of it ….But do you see that gold foil I peeled off? Ugh. Why?


There’s a closer look.

Ok and I just have to show you this…


This is the frame that was still in one piece. I’m reinforcing it with brackets for good measure.But where did they think this cardboard was gonna go that they hammered in all the crazy nails?!

Now that the frames are solid again it’s time for the fun!

Sarah came over for a crafting night. We mixed up a batch of chalk paint and got busy transforming our ugly frames into their lovely make over.



Chalk boards in powder blue. One is in Sarah’s kitchen and one is in my possession. I have great plans for this beauty in my future!

See what a little love can do?

Well that and some hardware, wood putty, chalk paint, and newly home made chalk boards.

Oh what? Chalkboard? Yea, you can make them too.

I will show you that in my next post!

Have a great day!!



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