The Little Bench that Could


This is the little bench that could. It could be so much more than what I saw at the curb, out for trash pick-up. I had an instant vision when I saw it.



So home she went with me.

Obviously this is no antique. Looks like something from the late ’80’s…..1980’s. Remember when everything was mauve and green and people were trying to decorate more “Victorian”?




Hmmmm.Just look at that lovely tapestry…..and the gold trim just sets it off. UGH! Not today.


But what’s even better……lies underneath.



Mold. I wonder where this thing was to get this moldy.



Plus there’s a crack in the wood. Wonder why people design the thinnest wood to be in the spots that hold weight. Genius!

So of course this will get the heave-ho, but not before I use it as a template.


Ahhhh! Much better!

)KINDLE_CAMERA_1467730387000Don’t forget to notch out the corners.

Next I glued the joints and tightened all screws to make her nice and stable. Sanded , primed and gave her several coats of satin white.


Whew! It doesn’t even look like the same bench.



Now a freshly sewn cushion to top her off and she’s ready to be sold.

Wouldn’t this look charming at the food of a bed, or in a little one’s room? Maybe in the foyer? This is a versatile piece and I hope it makes someone happy.

I love giving this sweet little bench a second chance!

Keep your eye out for those little gems on the curb. With a little vision they can be delightful!

Have a great day!



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