Wall Paper Fix

Wall paper….friend or foe?

When I was a kid my mom wall papered EVERY room in the house. She loved it.

As we got older, I was able to help. As a teenager I was drafted as assistant. I learned how to wall paper, and what kind to buy because it was easier to work with. Keep an eye on the patterns and where they repeat and make sure to match them up when side by side. Yep. All the tricks.

But I hate wall paper.

Patterns can make me dizzy.And there’s probably a label for a person that studies it to see where the pattern repeats. It’s too busy for someone like me. I find it maddening.

We moved into this house and there was no backsplash and the counters are long which means it would cost a lot to do some kind of tile or stone.

So what did I resort to for SOME kind of spruce up? Yep. Wall paper.

I found one that would match everything and was muted and not too busy. For the price it was a quick, cheap solution.

The problem is its a kitchen. Humidity is the enemy of wall paper. I cook a lot too.

Over time it starts to peel.


Ugh! How embarrassing!

It starts out small. Then over time it just gets worse.


Under the window and over the sink.

And over the stove was the worst! But I fixed it before I took a picture.

Part of the problem is its so gradual that you kind of get used to it. I did attempt to glue it before but because it’s vinyl coated it kinda became stiff and tough to uncurl.

But today I had a revelation! Who knows if there’s already a self help thing out there and this is just old news. To me , it was like a little miracle.

I took mod podge, a little art paint brush, an iron and a damp cloth.

First I took the paint brush with mod podge on it and slid it under the peeling wall paper coating the paper and the wall. Then I took the damp cloth and draped it over the hot iron that was set on polyester. I pressed the wallpaper back in place!


Just drape the damp rag like so.

The heat and moisture softened the vinyl coated paper and it went back in place without a hitch!


Would you have guessed that this was all peeling?


This was over the kitchen sink. Much better





I was so happy with the result I had to share it with you! How long will it hold up? That remains to be seen. But ,this has been by far, the best repair I have had with this situation. I’m hoping it will last a while. It was really embarrassing because I entertain a lot for the family get togethers. Of course no one would ever utter a rude word or make me feel bad…. still it was annoying to me. Until today I thought the only thing I could do was rip it all out and get into a whole new expensive project. Of course there’s always something else that money can go to that’s more important. So there it sat getting worse because I was between a rock and a hard place….procrastinating and living with it gradually not noticing it much.

What a great feeling!

I have some parties to plan soon. Ahhh. I guess it bothered me more than I realized because that’s what motivated me to really think about a solution.

Do you do that too? Notice everything WRONG with your house before you throw a party but ignore it most of the time in your daily life? A party is a great motivator to spruce up and tie up those loose ends around the home.

Maybe it’s time for you to throw a party too!

Have a great day!


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