Now it is April. In spite of the final kick in the rump snow storm we had yesterday ,today is beautiful. Clear sky, sunny and snow melting quickly and new hope is what today has brought. You see, today my moon flowers that I planted last week have sprouted!

If you were with me last spring, it took 2 packs of moonflower seeds and I only got ONE plant. Moon flowers are so magnificent that just one vine is amazing and I was grateful that I was able to have even just that. However, more is better! You never know what your gonna get when you buy a pack of seeds from a store. Even with an expiration date…..and I was within the date that they still should have been good, to only yield a single vine out of all those seeds? There’s something wrong with that. The same thing happened many years ago with moon flowers for me that I only got ONE plant out of a whole packet….none others even sprouted.

My goal was to harvest all the seed pods from this plant and see if there was a difference. So I did. I wasn’t sure if it’s just that these are a difficult plant to cultivate or if the seeds just need to be fresher that what’s in the stores.

Well friends I do believe I have my answer.KINDLE_CAMERA_1459429743000



Multiple sprouting going on here!

Moon flowers seeds do need to be soaked in water for a good 24hrs. Then gently cut a little nick in the hard shell. I used a steak knife with a fine serrated blade to kinda saw through. The idea is to put a little crack in it to help the first root pop out. I’m sorry I didn’t take picks of the pods or seeds for you. Next year I will.

Put them in some potting soil and keep them moist. Do not let them get dry! Yet you don’t want them super soggy so make sure they can drain. Put them in a sunny window in doors. I used the flats from my pansies and didn’t even fill the dirt all the way up….just half way. These sprouts came in LESS then a week!! So, from my little experiment, I have come to the conclusion that seeds must be fresher than what you get on the self at the store. These  seeds were harvested in the fall and kept in simple paper envelopes so they could dry and not develop mold. I removed them from the pods right before I placed them in the water to soak. They are only six months old from harvest till now.

If all goes right I will have lots of these babies to plant and share. I will keep you posted!

Have you done this already yourself?

If not, give it a whirl! Save your seeds from as many of your plants as you can. Some things are easier to just buy already grown from the nursery, but it’s fun to try your hand at starting things from seed too.

Happy Planting!


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