Spring is in The Air

March is not my favorite month. As a matter of fact it is my least favorite month. It’s windy, unpredictable, and that stupid daylight savings gig which takes me forever to rebound from altogether add up to…Ugh. I just try to get through it as best I can.

The only thing that helps are spring flowers. Fortunately, these critters are hardy and laugh at the sporadic snow. They bring the hope of better days to come.

I found a little farm….Huffman Farm in my town which I never knew about till a week ago. They had great prices on their flowers and wonderful flowers to choose from! So I bought 6 pots of tulips and 2 flats of pansies. Then I came home and got busy cleaning up the yard and brought some life back to my pots. Sure does brighten up the porch…..and my mood.~~


I put the tall purple tulips behind these striking variegated pink ones and then added the pansies.


I just love these Pink ones and hope they come back next year. I don’t seem to have much luck with tulips but I will try.


What a nice welcome home at the end of the day.


My favorite color is red. So I couldn’t resist these red tulips.

Pay no attention to that ugly yellow generator behind the screen door. The hub brought it up before the last snow storm….which was pretty nasty. There was a good chance we could lose power….fortunately we didn’t. However, it has yet to be removed and I can’t do it because it way to big and heavy. Sigh. Was hoping it would be gone by Easter but dreams don’t always come true, my friends. My new goal is this weekend. I’m done with hope. Now it’s sheer determination. That means out and out demanding, nagging and reminding everyday till his next day off. Usually has the desired result.

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.


More lovely red. I’m not sure where I will transplant these when the flowers fade. I do know where I will put the pink ones though. Near the pond.


Wonderful antique urn and pedestal. It was salvaged from my mother in law’s wonderful Victorian house that she sold years ago. I love the old chippy paint. Sometimes I wonder if I should paint it. The concrete is so old that the lions face has pretty much been worn away. Maybe paint would protect it.

The window boxes have been filled with pansies but I don’t want to take pics of them yet. Once they fill in and look better I will.


The only little Easter decoration I have on the porch. When you put the candles on this and light them the fan spins and the characters spin around like a carousel. Have had this thing for years.

So that’s all the planting fun here. I feel better now that April is only a couple days away and my yard is all but mulched.Next is the grind of keeping up with the mowing and weed whacking. But for now it’s nice to do yard work without dripping in sweat and swatting bugs.

Happy Spring!


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