Scout Mom

I probably haven’t mentioned that I’m a Scout Mom. Well, I want to talk about that for a post.

I had no idea what I was getting into. Let me just put that out there first. But before that lets talk about how the whole thing started……

One day my son came home from school and announced he was leaving.

“Mom ,I just wanna tell you I’m going away. You are probably gonna be sad.”

“Hon, what are you talking about?”

“There’s a paper on the counter for you. It will tell you everything.”

On the kitchen counter was a flyer sent home from school about scouting. It had fun pictures of boys doing fun outdoors activities like canoeing and fishing etc.

How cute! My son has been a whole new adventure in my life….boys are very different. You can keep the whole nurture vs nature debate. Testosterone comes with its own agenda. We should embrace that and appreciate it instead of squelching it. We need what they bring to the world. Boys need guidance and good examples of how to be good men. Their energy needs to be channeled into the right directions.

Scouting offers that.

The Hub had always said he wanted our son to do scouting. And here comes our boy with a flyer that he couldn’t even read,announcing he was going to be doing this.

I guess the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Of course this means mom is now a den mother. Mama bear doesn’t leave the cub.

It started out to be just me going to the meetings and helping with the crafts and bringing snacks in Tigers.

Then the following year they needed someone to be a den leader for the Wolf Den he was moving up to. I was willing to help and be the assistant den leader…..but my partner kinda bailed and I got dubbed Leader instead. But now I had an assistant who came later. Turns out we are a pretty good team. He sits with the boys and tells stories and lessons while I talk to the parents about upcoming things and keep things organized, bring crafts and snacks. We collaborate on ideas. Together we got thru the first year and rolled into the next year when the boys moved up to Bears.

During our year asWolf leaders we suffered a huge loss for our whole pack. Our beloved Cub Master was struck down unexpectedly with pancreatic cancer. It was six months from diagnosis to death. We lost her in September.

She was a warm, loving and giving person. She was my friend. Her generosity of heart and spirit was just beyond the scope of what most people are capable of giving. I miss her terribly. She started our troop 9 yrs ago and built it. Even when her son no longer wanted to do scouts she stayed. She spread herself thin trying to keep up with her now teenage son and his hockey and us at scouts. She had announced that she was retiring as Cub Master and someone would have to step up. But no one really wanted her to go and I think we were all a little scared to have to fill her shoes.

Then she got sick. She just had some pain. I thought she was gonna be told she had gall stones. I happened to call her when she had just gotten the news. She said,” well you’re the first to know”…..and dropped the bomb. I will never forget her trembling voice saying she was gonna fight with all she had. In six months she was gone. I still grapple with the loss of her in my life.

She was laid out in her Cub Master uniform. Our boys attended her funeral and we all wore our uniforms as well.

We had much to grapple with as parents and leaders. There was so much she did and we had no idea just how much. When she was diagnosed it was  right before the Blue and Gold Dinner. This is the annual big event where the boys who are ready to cross over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts do so in a ceremony. Kids all get their patches for the dens they belong to and awards they have worked towards. It’s a big deal. And we were scrambling to pull it together . Which we did.

One of the other moms with a son going into Arrow of Light stepped up to be Cub Master after the funeral.However at one of our meetings the people who had kids crossing over announced that when their kids crossed over they we stepping down. This of course means we will need to step up into these positions or our pack will be absorbed by neighboring town packs.

Wow- this sure was a far cry from where I started and far more involved then I’d ever dreamt.


Of course, again, no one was volunteering to step onto the Cub Master shoes. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of time. If the job is going to be done right, it’s gonna take a lot to get it done.

I thought about my friend. We had so many little life things in common. She confided personal experiences in her life to me.I remembered her tears. I know she had hopes for me to take the baton. She never pushed it. She was taking me in. She was gently guiding me down the path. It was unspoken.

I decided to become Cub Master.

Seven hours of online training and tests later, I am certified.

At the Blue and Gold Dinner this Sunday it will be official.

I plan on staying on for the next couple years and have hopes that someone will be willing to fill my shoes when it’s time for me to move on. In the meantime I want to give our pack some stability back. Maybe create some new ideas to add to the array of things my friend started. I want to build our pack bigger and stronger so that perhaps more people will be there to take over. I want our boys to DO things and be excited to stay on into Boy Scouts as far as they can go. And to make wonderful memories.

Here’s a picture of the craft we did for our boys place setting for the Blue and Gold Dinner.


The theme is “The Great Outdoors”. Our boys love fishing and roasting marshmallows for s’mores. What’s better than that?!

I drew inspiration from pinterest. I love those cartoon bodies with picture heads. Reminds me of those funny “Jib Jab” videos. The boys loved putting it all together. I did all the prep so all they had to do was some gluing and arranging…..remember we are dealing with boys. Drawing, coloring and scissor work is boring.Arranging and gluing was about all they can sit still for. Now if we were working with power tools, well that would be more fun in their book.

We will get there. The dads are drumming up a project in the near future.

Remember that show “Tool Time”?

Yea. “More Power!”

It’s the testosterone. Let’s just roll with it.




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