Score of the Week

Today while running some errands alone (ahhh!), I took a little detour down a street. Now mind you, I know of a little antique/junk shop. You all know by now, I’m a junker and I’m shameless.

I never had the chance to check this place out before. They were closed when I had stopped by. But not today. It was Saturday morning and they were pulling stuff out of the store and putting it outside. Today it was going to be unseasonably warm for February….60 degrees for the high temp.

Well, lookie here! LIQUIDATION SALE?! Whaaaat?!

Well this sister about squealed wheels stopping. Had to back my truck up and then try to squeeze into a parking spot….there’s only a few slots in front of the building and its kinda tight. But where there’s a will there’s a way.

As I was making my way through the building, I saw a few things but nothing was hitting the hot spot. I was making my way back towards the front heading for the door…..still looking….this is the kind of place that has so much you can’t see it all at a glance. I saw outta the corner of my eye a cooler. Not just any cooler. It’s an old aluminium, aqua colored, Thermos brand “Vagabond” cooler. UGH! $175.00 price. No way!

So the owner was buzzing around putting some things around and we got to talking. Small talk, it’s a gift. Talkin’ about kids and scouts and hey I noticed this cooler…..

“Oh-you can have that for $20 cash right now”

SOLD!!! I about did a jiggity jig out the door carrying that cooler to the truck!


Are you feelin’ it?

Now, my Hub would never understand my joy. I can’t imagine what he thinks when I get so excited about something like this.


I’m swooning! I love the name!


Here it is paired with the water cooler I bought a few years ago. Matchy match – ha! Like it was meant to be.


Look at the swirly designs on the Styrofoam. It’s grey and white with aqua cap and spout.

I bought that cutie a while ago from another antique shop…for I think $8. Another steal. There’s no name on it but the lady at the antique shop said years ago when you bought a trailer this was a little something they gave the buyer. I dunno….I’m sure she knows more about that then me. I believe her though. See that swirly pattern is in the old vintage trailers…I think it’s Shastas…maybe Scotties. It’s on their tables and counter tops in that grey and white and the appliances were aqua often. 50s-60s.

Goes great with my trailer. Can’t wait for camping season! My camping girlfriends will certainly share in my joy!

What do you have a soft spot for?

Did you score something fun this week?

Do tell!


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