Quest for Dining Room Chairs part 2


Primer on the first chair. Looks better already!

So after my little rest I was back at it. Sunny mild fall day is great for painting. Of course first these chairs were sanded and wiped. My loving mom sanded them for me while I was at work. How Sweet is She?! Thank heaven for mom!  She was right on board with me and so excited about the project too!


Ahh ….look at that lovely black satin paint! Isn’t that a dramatic difference?! But that fabric makes me dizzy.


Look at those sexy legs! I have a thing for nice legs. These kinda look equestrian to me.

As you can see I have moved my painting to inside of the house and where ever I could find a spot to do the job.


Progess in the foyer.


And in the kitchen.

Hey, I have a deadline to meet. Plus the Hub was trying to be patient. I know my projects can be unnerving……especially when I start spreading them in multiple areas.


Look at this fabric! I was so excited when I found it!

See that fabric? I actually found it at Wal-Mart. Yes Wal-Mart! Now they don’t need me to plug them but I score a lot in their fabric department for great prices. I have other fabric shops available but believe it or not I usually find what I want here. For a while in my area they had taken the fabric dept out. I was freaking out! I guess enough other people were freaking out too cuz they brought it back! However the trim I found online for an amazing price. I had a lot of area to cover. These seats are upolstered front ,back and seat. The only seats that didn’t need trim were the arm chairs because those seats pop out. The other four had to be worked as one whole piece.

I really didn’t take any pics of the whole stapling process. It’s not pretty and once I got on a roll….well I wasn’t feeling so fun. I was in full on project mode. This was a good amount of work I had cut out for myself at a time of year that has so many other things that beg for tending. Like decorating for Christmas….shopping…work stuff..let alone just going to work and cub scouts and getting dinner on the table and tending the household obligations…need I say more?





KINDLE_CAMERA_1448892682000KINDLE_CAMERA_1448892498000As you can see I made the deadline. We dined on Christmas Day in our fabulous new chairs that cost me a fraction of what a new set would have been. Actually, for the cost of one new chair or two , I got six. And I got the fabric I wanted too. Even though I had to change my original plan of stripping and staining….I like this result sooo much more.


Thinking it looks better than my original vision of matchy match stained wood.


Oh and I forgot to mention I patched and painted my existing counter seats for good measure. Had to patch over embossed fruit design on the backs.

So that’s that! This new look is so fresh to me after all these years. I just love it!

This is why I do this. The feeling of satisfaction with the end result. It’s what drives me through the frustrations that come with a labor of love. I have to be honest. I thought about people who do upolstery for a living. It is a hard job! No wonder angry staple happy person went buck nutty with that staple gun!

Well, what’s your thoughts?  Have you ever done this yourself? Are you contemplating it? If so I hope you have found some inspiration here.

Have a Great Day!!


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