My Trailer

I have to tell you about my trailer.

I have a little trailer. She is the second one I have owned. The first one was so badly rotted I ended up throwing in the towel and bought this one….


She wasn’t always this pretty. Lots of love and labor changed her and gave her a new life.

One day I will tell you the whole story. But today I decorated her for New Year’s since I didn’t get to do it for Christmas like I wanted to. I just wanted to share  the fun.


Can you see the led lights in the garland? I bought them originally for my little Christmas trees on the front porch. But the blue hue drove me crazy! I bought another batch for the trees that had a softer white and put these blue ones to use here.


Look at this sweet snowflake! So fun and sparkley! Glad I snagged them last year from Family Dollar. They didn’t have them this year.


I think this is just so kitschy cute.



Everything matched so well I just couldnt help myself.


A tad tacky? Maybe!

But if it makes me happy just looking at her all dressed up in sparkles then let me enjoy it.

I’m a member of Sisters on the Fly, an all women’s camping group. We all have trampy, campy, tacky,fun with our trailers. You can join us or enjoy watching us thru our site…

Enjoy the season with all that sparkles.

Till next time…….


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