Busy busy like a bee.

Oh boy! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted because I’ve been so busy! People think the holiday season is busy. Ha! I beg to differ. I say it’s spring that’s the busiest. Showers and weddings…confirmations…sports…school trips and the wrap up of the school year in general….Not to mention the yard work and projects that were put off till the weather was good. I’m sure there’s a ton of things I could go on and list.

For me it all seems to come on at once. At times it’s a bit overwhelming.

But I like to finish what I start. This year I had a new desire to work in my garden. For years I just didn’t bother. For some reason I was inspired this year. It’s a nice feeling to have again.

So I planted seeds

I went with my son and we picked out what we liked. It’s was sweet to see my boy interested in this. Of course his attention is limited being that he’s only 8. It’s not something I expect he will continue with. However when the flowers bloom and he sees the result, I’m sure he will be pleased. My hope is to instill an interest in gardening.

My Father, God rest his soul, did instill gardening in me. He grew up in the city but somehow had a love of earth.

We lived in a rowhouse. Out back in a patch of yard he planted 2 trees. One was a peach tree and one was a maple. Then one year he planted some morning glories to climb the maple tree. The wonder of it stuck with me. And each home he had thereafter he continued to plant and work on.

What’s beautiful to me is I have plants in my yard that came from his.  They live and thrive here in his stead.

He was gone 2 years when I moved here. I dug my plants up and moved them with me. My Dad would have loved my new home just like his plants do.

So now fast forward to now. I have got to get these seedlings into the ground! TODAY!

Humble beginnings.

Humble beginnings.

Now friends, I’m not a fancy person. I took containers that I had and put them to use. I kept the seed packets with the seeds because I can’t remember everything all the time. The seeds sprouted pretty quickly and it was exciting for me. However I must tell you that the moon flower seeds were disappointing!  Nothing at all came from the first packet. Meanwhile the morning glories were popping up. After awhile I figured it was time to buy another packet of moon flower seeds and try again. Out of that batch only ONE…..that’s right ONE. humph!! Well one is better than none so I will take it!  I’m having high hopes that if I can just get this one vine to make it and flower, I will harvest the seeds. Maybe then I will have better luck next year.

See the loner to the right? Yep, that's my one moon flower. The others are a couple varieties of morning glories.

See the loner to the right? Yep, that’s my one moon flower. The others are a couple varieties of morning glories.

Ok so where to plant. Now I don’t believe I ever told you about the rose bush? Hmmm….well for about 13 years my climbing roses called New Dawn were splendid. They scrambled up the arbor and were simply stunning with their lovely light pink flowers and amazing scent. They were low maintenance which is good for me. And then something got them and killed them in no time. But it was a blessing really. Truth be told I was tired of getting stuck by them…..roses are rather volatile. So instead of fretting, I let nature take its course and welcomed the opportunity for something new.

Let me tell you it was no joke taking that monster down! The root balls were so tough and big that I didn’t have the strength to dig them out. So after chopping them down from the arbor I literally had to tie a rope to my truck hitch and pull them out.

Never again. That’s all I can say about that.

My new vision included morning glory and moon flower vines climbing the arbor and some other flowers skirting around the base of them.

I’m also on a mad herb kick this year. I planted sage from seed and cat nip for my garden companion, Bad Kitty. I bought lavender and rosemary too….and 3 different kinds of mint (I just couldn’t help it).

You know why I couldn’t help it? Because my local garden center is AMAZING! Right here we are blessed with Triple Oaks Nursey. The owner is well versed in her craft and has an outstanding array of unusual herbs and flowers. Of course she has the run of the mill stuff that all garden centers have. But what a treat to find chocolate mint, Apple mint, and peppermint. How about the multiple varieties of lavender….and knowledgeable people to teach me what the differences are.

Here is the area that I planted….

Before....I did transplant some daffodils earlier.

Before….I did transplant some daffodils earlier.

After. It doesn't look like much now but just you wait!

After. It doesn’t look like much now but just you wait!

I need to add that I found the task of transplanting seedlings a little nerve wracking. I used my garden spoon to do the job because it is delicate work.

What, like you don't have a garden spoon?  My poor mom was always missing spoons. Her daughter was always playing in the dirt.

What, like you don’t have a garden spoon? My poor mom was always missing spoons. Her daughter was always playing in the dirt.

Really my dirt spoon was the perfect tool for the job. The bigger plants like this lovely moon flower were easier than the other more delicate ones. I found myself fretting that I would damage them and that they wouldn’t survive. But then I just told myself that mother nature sees to it that what wants to live usually does.

Here’s some other pics of the Little Gothic Cottage Garden.

Azelia and rhoadendren and spider wort.

Azelia and rhoadendren and spider wort.

Lovely lilac and birdhouse

Lovely lilac and birdhouse

Azelia and hostas

Azelia and hostas

Iris and boxwood

Iris and boxwood

Majestic flowering cherry tree with a sweet seen house that chocolates nest in every spring.

Majestic flowering cherry tree with a sweet wren house that chickadees nest in every spring.

There’s more …..So much more to share with you. All in time.

I hope you find your garden inspiration this year.

And a garden companion too!

And a garden companion too!


2 thoughts on “Busy busy like a bee.

    • Yes but so hot now- whew! I had some fabulous moss I planted that didn’t make it. I also lost two creeping thyme. Sigh. I guess only the strong survive here-hehe!


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