What’s in a name?

“Why did you name your blog “Little Gothic Cottage”? Your not Goth!”

That was the question posed to me by my darling hub after my daughter posted my blog on Facebook.

I have to laugh! Gothic has taken on a meaning that is a little different from what it originally was. No, I’m not dying my hair dark black and wearing lots of dark makeup and piercings. I kinda like the look but  I’m not tryin’ to scare my grandbabes. Besides I save my formal attire for Oct 31st.

The truth is I LOVE the Gothic Style of Architecture. In the 1840’s-1860’s architects brought the style to America. It was promoted as a style home suited to rural and country areas. The typical features include steep pitched roofs and pointed arch windows with gables, gingerbread,finals and lovely front porches. The Gothic is styled after the cathedrals in England , France, and Germany. The gargoyles are reserved for the high style buildings of the Victorian era Churches but you might find one in a home garden.

If someone asks me what my dream home is that would be it. I love my home don’t get me wrong. The only way I would leave it is if my hub found the perfect Gothic Cottage fixer upper……and that’s NEVER gonna happen!

In the mean time I think I could have some fun with the whole Goth thing. After all what can you expect from a gal named after the lost love of Edgar Allen Poe in the poem The Raven?


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