Old Dresser Resurrection

Ahhh! It was a beautiful summer morning. As I was driving down the road I passed a lovely old dresser on the side of the road with a sign on it that said “FREE”. Oh how I love free old things! Like I usually do, I said to myself,” Well if it’s still there when I come back I will take it.” So I hurried up and ran my errand because I REALLY wanted that dresser to be there when I got back. And it was! I went home and got my truck and managed to get that lovely old dresser in my truck. It was HEAVY! In truth, there was a moment that a thought crossed my mind….that maybe I couldn’t get it in the truck myself. Let me say I am no spring chicken. But as usual, my determination outweighed any self doubt. So with some muscle and strategy I managed to get her in my truck. I kept it in my truck for a couple days for two reasons. One, it had a cracked leg and the caster was barely hanging on. Two, I knew I would have to explain to the hub why I dragged home yet another project. The first issue I handled with some gorilla glue and a strong wire tie. Worked like a charm! The second was addressed after I got it on the front porch….where I planned to do the work. The hub was not impressed. Ugh! Stop bringing home junk!”


Sigh. He just doesn’t see it.

So now with those two hurdles behind me I could charge forward. Yay!

Now let’s look at the good the bad and the ugly……..what is this?  I don’t know. It’s plastic…kinda pearly….it’s gotta go. I doubt it was here when purchased originally. It looks to me like someone tried to update this in the 50’s or early 60’s. Yucky.


Fortunately this was easy enough to remove.


They just don’t make ’em like they used to. A cedar lined drawer! Swoon!

I took these pics with my kindle so please be forgiving.

Ooooooh!Look! A cedar lined drawer! It’s only one bit I will gladly take it.

Ok...Not her most flattering photo.

Ok…Not her most flattering photo.

So with all the badly chipped veneer I’m just going to paint this….But can you see this lovely wood underneath?  I wish I could have seen her in her glory days before the bad facelifts. All this beautiful wood and carving. I just can’t help but wonder about the past life of this piece.How did she come to this?That she should sit at the end of a driveway cast out and forlorn? Ugh. I will never understand.

Ok moving forward.

Everyone knows about chalk paint. It’s all the rage these days. I wanted to try it so I looked on my fav site PINTEREST for a recipe. I mixed my own color using what I had on hand and added the plaster of Paris mix to it. This dresser is going to go in my sewing room to store fabric. I wanted a pretty soft shade of blue but I think it turned out a little more aqua. I like it!

First coat of paint.

First coat of paint.

You can see I left the corner squares unpainted. I liked the grain and the color of the wood so I just sanded and oiled it. It was hiding under those plastic pieces.

You can see it better here.

You can see it better here.

How ’bout these sexy legs? Can u see the wire tie? Only a trained eye could tell. It’s where u don’t see the crack. I just painted over that too. Chalk paint is pretty awesome for adhering to anything.

Pretty proud of my wire tire fix. Kinda genius really. Hehehe!

Pretty proud of my wire tire fix. Kinda genius really. Hehehe!

You gotta love the carvings on this piece. Looks rather regal.


Now this is where that dark wax would come into play….normally. Right now I’m just diggin’ the clean look. They say that dark wax gives depth and emphasizes the characteristics. Maybe some day I will try it….just not now.

I just love the carving.

I just love the carving.

Now for the hardware. I had to fill in the original holes and drill new ones. These handles have 2 screws. I bought this handle from Hobby Lobby years ago thinking I could use them in my kitchen but that didn’t pan out. I knew they would be perfect for this….I was hoping they still had them in stock because I only had one! Good ol’ Hobby Lobby! They had plenty!

Fancy shmancy rustic metal scrollwork handles.

Fancy shmancy rustic metal scrollwork handles.

Ok so would you like to see how she finally turned out? Drum roll please…….

Judge not the craft room please. I'm a multi medium artist -ok? Well that's what I like to tell myself.

Judge not the craft room please. I’m a multi medium artist -ok? Well that’s what I like to tell myself.

Ta-da! I didn’t mention that this actually came with a glass top. Someone else loved this piece at one time just like me. I’m so glad I have her here and I think she’s happy too!

Tell me what you think? Do you love to rescue old things too?  Have you made your own chalk paint too? I’d love to hear from you!


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