Hi! This is my first post to my new blog!

Well, here goes my first post on my blog. I’ve been thinking about starting one for quite some time. Then I started talking about it. And now here I am.

When I first mentioned it my oldest daughter, she gave my a strange look and asked “why”? I said , because I have a lot to say! I’m artsy and crafty and I do a lot of things. I have lots of experiences to share. Why not?

I’m married with 3 kids…..ages 30, 24,&7. That’s right 7. I’ve been the young mom, the average age mom and the  old mom. Each experience like each child, has enriched my life in more ways than I could ever list and I wouldn’t change a thing. Now my oldest daughter just gave birth to twins! So now there’s a new chapter to embark on in this crazy life. Good thing I’ve got lots of energy!

Ok so my next post will be a project  with before and after pics. Right now I needed to get my feet wet. Next I will be jumping in!

Bare with me!



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